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Last Hope Paperback (The Brother's Creed 5)

Last Hope Paperback (The Brother's Creed 5)

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Book 5 in the best-selling and award-winning Brother's Creed series in PAPERBACK.


Leaving the border town behind, the group continues their trek to Alaska. They don't make it far before the Reclaimers attack. The losses are heavy and James is separated from the group and in a desperate game of cat and mouse with Jezz as she hounds him every step of the way. Connor, unwilling to continue without his brother, leaves in search of him as the rest go north.

With people missing, wounded, or dead, Tank must step up and do something he never thought he would—lead a group of survivors through an apocalyptic Canada as they drive the ALCAN. As the miles pass, their destination closes in but the losses make it unclear if they'll survive with their faith and humanity intact. Despite the resistance, they push onward because this… is their last hope.


The epic conclusion to the Wolf Pack's journey!


"Could not put these down, AWESOME READ"

"A great ending to an epic series!"

"Absolutely love this book!"

"This entire series was packed with action and excitement at every turn."

"Wonderful, Very hard to put down."

"Highly recommend this series."

"What a ride!"

"The whole series is worth every minute!"

"So hard to put down."

"Five Stars is not enough!"

"Exciting finish to a thrilling series!"



  • 264 Pages
  • Trim Size: 5x8 inches
  • Glossy Cover
  • Cream Paper
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